Arihant Test Drive for JEE 15 Practice Sets PDF Download


Arihant Test Drive for JEE 15 Pracrice Sets PDF

Download Test Drive For Jee Main 15 Practice Sets 2024 : Arihant Test drive is designed in a well structured manner to practise for jee, It almost covers the entire syllabus and give a very informative scenario about the questions those are more likely to be asked in JEE. You will a see a major similarity in the pattern of questions, that will be  ease with your JEE question paper.

About Arihant Publication:

Arihant Publication is a popular publisher in India that provides study materials and books for various competitive exams and academic subjects. One of their publications is the "Arihant Test drive for IIT Advanced" book. This Arihant book contains a collection of problems and their solutions, based on the NCERT syllabus. It has been noted that between 40 to 60 percent of Students choose Arihant Publication books as well in order to get ready for both their Board exams and a number of competitive exams. For this reason, we have the Arihant Books at a single location.

 Features of Arihant Test Drive:

1. Designed as a “Test Drive” for an absolute practice

2. Provides 15 Practice Sets in the 3 Stages-

3. Detailed explanations of questions are given at the end of each section

4. Chapter wise Trend Analysis of WB JEE is given in the book

Arihant Test Drive for JEE PDF Download

Arihant Test Drive for JEE 15 Pracrice Sets PDF

Download Arihant Test Drive for IIT for free from below :-

Name : Arihant Test Drive for JEE2

Edition: 2023 - 2024

Size: 37.8 MB


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