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 NCERT Nichod Chemistry PDF

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NCRET Nichod Chemistry - Download NCERT Nichod chemistry book for NEET 2022. NCERT Nichod Chemistry book is a good choice if you are looking for fast NCERT Revision with better flow chart and illustrations. What makes this book different is that it focuses on theory part rather than questions. Also it contain no irrelevant questions which you are likely to find in other theory books. 

NCERT Nichod Chemistry is published by celssius and its Contributors are Dr. Himanshu Ojha (Author), Dr. Shiv Shankar Mittal (Author), Cellsius & NEET kaka JEE (Editor, Foreword, Illustrator). They belive that scoring good marks in NEET is directly proportional to the number of revision of your notes. This is highly likable as NTA have shifted their importance to NCERT a too much in recent years. Hence promises to provide breif notes for all Chemistrychapters of Class 11th and Class 12th Chemistry NCERT.  

KEY Features of NCERT Nichod Chemistry

  • Breif Notes for NCERT Chemistry (Class 11th+12th)
  • HD Diagrams, Flow charts and tables
  • Prefect tool for last moment revision as it is summary of whole Chemistry
  • Also contains chapters importance level in order

Download NCERT Nichod Chemistry PDF

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Download NCERT Nichod Chemistry PDF for free. As name suggests it have squeezed every important part of NCERT of Chemistry in this book. Download from the below Link
  • File Name : NCERT Nichod Chemistry PDF
  • File Size : 101 Mb
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