Arihant Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Class 11 PDF Download

Arihant Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Class 11

Chemistry class 11 Arihant Exemplar 

Download class 11 NCERT Exemplar of Chemistry by Arihant. This book contains high quality questions provided with answers, chapter wise which will help to enhance the problem – solving skills of the students. The solutions provided are detailed and are explained step by step manner, making it easier for the students to understand and learn. The questions has been updated on the new issued syllabus of CBSE 2023 Board Exam. NCERT Exemplar is been based on the difficulty level as per the CBSE.

Key features of NCERT Exemplar

  • Covers all the questions from NCERT Exemplar
  • Answered by expert faculty without chances of any error
  • Detailed solutions of both subjective and objective type questions
  • Printable quality Book PDF

About Arihant 

Arihant is a popular publisher in India that provides study materials and books for various competitive exams and academic subjects. One of their publications is the "Class 11 chemistry NCERT Exemplar Problems & Solutions" book. This book contains a collection of exemplar problems and their solutions for class 11 subjects like mathematics and science, based on the NCERT syllabus. It has been noted that
between 40 and 50 percent of Class 11 Students choose NCERT Exemplar books as well in order to get ready for both their Board exams and a number of competitive exams. For this reason, we have the Class 11 NCERT Exemplars at a single location.

Arihant Chemistry NCERT Exemplar Class 11

Thumbnail Arihant Chemistry NCERT Exampler Class 11

Class 11 Chemistry Arihant NCERT Exemplar for CBSE exam 2024 is now available for the latest edition of 2023.  Download NCERT Exemplar by downloading from the link below : -

  • Name : Arihant NCERT Exemplar for Chemistry Class 11
  • Size : 7 MB                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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