Waves - Important Questions for NEET [PDF]


Waves Important Questions for NEET - Class 11th, Chapter 15 - Oscillations important NEET questions. We have selected some most recommended questions which have high probability to reappear for upcoming NEET Exam. This question bank is made by a very experienced faculty in keeping mind of various aspects of previous year patterns on NEET exams.

Total of 117 Questions of Question bank have been created for the chapter : Waves. 

Key Features of Important Questions [Waves]

  • Most recommended Questions
  • No repetitive Concepts
  • Prepared by Expert faculty of NEETprep
  • All questions available in PDF.

How to prepare for NEET from Important Questions?

  1. Revise the chapter you will practice.
    By noting all important formulas, Concepts and importance diagrams.
  2. Now attend all the questions from the question bank
    Take a rough paper and write number of all total questions and fill the choices and match at last
  3. Note the mistakes and the used concept in a notebook
  4. Revise these concepts 
    <As we know what we know and we don't know what we don't know>

Download the PDF for Important questions for NEET Which contains very recommended questions. This will enhance your preparation.

  • File Name : Waves Important Questions for NEET
  • Size : 892KB
  • Total questions : 117 Questions 
  • Subject : Physics
  • Class: 11th

Download Button -  Oscillations Important Questions

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