Should I buy Byjus course for NEET 2023 preparation? - Pros and Cons of Byjus subscription

By ex byjus student of offline + live classes course :-

In today's date Byju's is a biggest multinational edtech company of not only india but whole world. In initial boom of byju's it was a dream of students to buy it but in recent years it's been a haux to most of the students. Problems from old curiculum, malicious selling practises to weak attention towards their buyers have been a major setback for byju's. Should you buy byjus course or subscription for NEET 2023 preparation? Is byjus worth than other edtck platforms? In this blog we have covered all aspect of byju's course from its cons to pros. 

before we provide the pros and cons of byjus course, you should know what makes a online course best for NEET exam

  1. should follow Latest curiculum (Thats why always buy live classes course and not the recorded one)
  2. NCERT focused lectures
  3. Slowly explaining lectures which focuses on ceoncepts and important questions
  4. Regular Mock test based on latest NEET pattern
  5. Regular DPPs after each lecture to understand the application of the lecture
  6. Bilingual classes (This have proved to be the best to understand concepts)

To save your time, No, please don't buy any byjus course for NEET preparation, its not worth at any cost.


Byju's Recorded lectures course

Should I buy Byjus course for NEET 2023 preparation?

Byju's recorded course comes with byjus premium application with a tablet and sd card with all the lectures. This product is the worst product ever any edtech company can make. We have not stated any pros of  this course as it doesnt have a one also we don't want to give our reader even a second chance to think about to buy it. The cons of byjus course for NEET exam are as follows : 

Cons about byjus Offline recorded lectures course

  1. Lectures or curiculum is not updated 
    Byju's have always focused in earning most of from a limited work over their content. If a NEET 2023 aspirant buy byjus course, he/she will find lectures to be old and not updated to the latest NTA syllabus or pattern, which is NCERT. They have just worked on app UI and not on the lectures or questions.

  2. Content is very consice and brief
    The techers have finished the lecture more faster than the NCERT reading. If you are a below average student then it will be nearly impossible to grasp all the topics for your preparation. They are in hury or not at the point to how a student can better understand. Where Physics wallah have taught more in their free umeed course than whole byjus.

  3. Same course for both JEE and NEET aspirant
    Yes, you read correct, they have the same lectures, questions, UI, and DPP for both JEE mains, Advanced and NEET preparing aspirants. Seeing students preparing for competitive exams, they have just added NEET and JEE sections at the last of course where some random teacher solves questions. Now this proves how byjus have been lazy in updating their content.

  4. Only English lectures making hard for a bilingual students
    Most of the time a student is a hindi speaker or bilingual. As byjus only offers his/her course in English language, this can be a best reason to not buy it. It's no personal hate to byju's but a truth that it can be really hard to understand what teachers convey to you

  5. No schedule planned mock tests
    If you are a dropper then you might know the importance of a good scheduled online mock test, In byjus the NEET mock tests are the same and depends on you to attend. They don't even care if you gave any test or not, what they care is that did you affiliated the course to your freinds. Now if a course dont have a planned Mock tests then it will be hard for student to be consistentwith their studies as there will be not fear of completion of syllabus. They even don't have part syllabus test based on your lectures, what they give is only Full syllabus test of class 11th or 12th or whole syllabus. Also the test have been same from decade

Pros of Recorded lectures course


My point on byju's offline recorded lectures course

Teaching NEET aspirant have changed a lot and byju's have failed to align with the change. If you think visuals will help you a lot or that cool tablet will make you look cool in your school then don't buy it please, also the tablet is shit. Each chapters requires it time and slow lectures to understand, in my opinion boards or smart board lecture can teach you more well than 3D rendered videos. This is because in regular boards, the teacher take time to write stuff and this time gap helps students to grasp what teacher is actually saying, in byu;s its just a teacher standing and delivering the lecture where diagrams come and go out, texts poping in and out, its all just havoc or chaos. in my opinion please don't buy at any cost, at any discount.

Byjus Live classes course

Byjus live classes is there recent launch amid covid crisis, this course have regular so caled live classes 4 days a week with 2-3 hours lectures everyday. They might give or not give tablet.

Cons about Byjus live classes

Byjus live classes are good than their recorded lectures course, the teachers are good but still covers some aspects of setbacks 
  1. Fast paced lectures and schedule
    You will have a regular classes 4 days a week with just 2-3 hour live classes. Thus the lectures are so much fast paced and not good for a below average student. though the teaching quality is good and better

  2.  No expereinced teachers
    Byjus live classes have lot of young teachers and they need a good faculty. You would not want to risk your fist learning from an unexperienced teachers (Exceptions of some batches)

  3. Pseduo live classes
    Byjus promises to provide live classes but infact those are recoded lectures. Now this live classes looking lectures will be given to all the batches. This reduces their effort and make them earn more money

  4. No schedule of mock tests and unalignment with ongoing syllabus
    Mock tests are randomly taken once a month, so called AITS syllabus is mailed to you a day or two before the test. Even if they provide tests syllabus 4-5 days before then it cover the chapters from the upcoming lectures within the time gap. A droper might relate it with but this happens with even 2 years live classes course

Pros about Byju's live classes

though it have so many cons to not buy it, it does have some pros over recorded lectures course. It provide a good content required for actual NEET preparation. In comparison to the recorded lectures, live classes have updated curiculum with regular DPPs and Mock test on NEET pattern. Although if you are a consistent student and study well then you might get good marks in NEET from this course. 

Please note : Don't buy only English course of live classes, opt for bilingual course, Also if you can please avoid, dont buy anything of byjus, lol, personal exp.


Byju's selling strategies have been its downfall, the councelor makes falls promises to get its sale There have been a good companies in edtech from covid, even unacademy can be called a better option than byju's. You should offcourse go for any other course than byjus. In my suggestion this course can't help you get a medical seat or secure good marks in NEET. To know which course are best for NEET preparation check out - this.


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