Arihant 40 days neet chemistry pdf download

 Arihant 40 days NEET pdf (chemisrty) - Download Arihant 40 days chemistry for NEET pdf for free. This book promises to complete your NEET UG syllabus and questions practise just in 40 days. As NEET covers the concepts of previous year questions, thus this book have been filled with PYQs. This book doesn't contain more hectic stuff and is just short and simple for last time preparation.

If your stuck in NEET UG preparation and as the time is very less, then this book is best for you. The salient features of Arihant 40 Days NEET crash course PDF has been provided in the below sections.


Arihant is a well known Publisher which publishes all kind of books with various competitive exams in INDIA.

Key features of Arihant 40 Days chemistry NEET Crash course PDF 

  • Cover all the chapters from prescribed NCERT Book of class XI & XII
  • Short summary at the starting is provided for all the chapters
  • Two Questions preactise session (Dry and PYQ)
  • Hints and explanations are provided for all the exercises
  • It also contains Unit Test after some couple of chapters
  • The book is divided into PCB 
  • It also contain the daily schedule which promises 40 days completion

Typical Chapter content for Arihant 40 days chemistry for NEET PDF

  • Quick summary of the topics you will learn
  • Theory of the chapter
  • Day practise session 1 (Foundation exercise)
  • Day practise session 2 (Progresssive questions exercise)
  • Hints & Explanations of the Exercises
  • Unit Test (after more than 3-4 chapters)

Arihant 40 Days NEET (Chemistry)

Download Arihant 40 Days NEET crash course PDF of Chemistry. This book contains important theory and questions in limited number for your faster preparation in 40 days. The details of the files are
  • File Name : Arihant 40 Days NEET Chemistry.pdf
  • File Size : 56.1 MB


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