NEET 2021 topper - top ranks list of NEET 2021 Results

NEET 2021 Topper – Neet 2021 results are out finally after a long wait of lakhs of students. This was a tough year due to covid and irregularities with NTA. Finally student can go and check their results on the official website of NTA :

NEET 2021 Topper

Minal kutteri ( Aakash ) is the NEET 2021 topper securing 720 marks out of 720. There are two more students who secured 720 marks Tanmay Gupta ( Aakash ) and Karthika G Nair ( Aakash ) respectively. Tanmay Gupta is also The CLS AIR 1.

Congratulations to all three of them.

These toppers are claimed by Aakash Institute of India. Which is predicted as Aakash started circulating this news in their Whatsapp groups. Congratulations to ask for achieving this.

Note : these ranks are predicated due to current news from aakash institute and may change accordingly, please refer later on this page for any updates


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