NEET 2021 Expected Cut off for Government college [Rank v/s marks]

NEET 2021 Expected Cut off – NEET 2021 exam was held on 12th September 2021 after being delayed for months due to covid 19 pandemic. Students are now curious to see whether they are eligible for any government colleges or not. We have analyzed the NEET 2021 paper and students reaction and based on some factors, we have predicted some rank and marks.

Our predicted NEET 2021 cut off contains cut off for all caste and colleges. Section also contains NEET 2020 comparison column for better understanding the trend of this year

NEET 2021 Cut Off (Rank v/s Marks)

In below table contains marks and rank comparison of NEET 2021 with NEET 2020 stats too for better understanding the. Check below table for cut off and rank v/s marks for NEET 2021

All India RankNEET 2021NEET 2020
BELOW 10710710
BELOW 20706710
BELOW 50701705
BELOW 100695700
BELOW 200690695
BELOW 500670680
BELOW 1000660672
BELOW 2000645660
BELOW 3000637655
BELOW 4000630650
BELOW 5000625645
BELOW 7000605635
BELOW 10,000595625
BELOW 15,000580610
BELOW 20,000570600
BELOW 30,000550580
BELOW 40,000520563
BELOW 50,000505548
BELOW 60,000490534
BELOW 70,000475520
BELOW 80,000465508
BELOW 90,000450495
BELOW 100,000440484

NEET 2021 Marks v/s Rank

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