Importance of Mock Test for NEET

what is the importance of a mock test for NEET or any other exam?

A student needs to understand the importance of the Mock tests. This test may be an online, offline, or self home analyzed test. Mock tests are a vital part for NEET aspirants in their last days of preparation.

Today I will try to note down some important points of the NEET mock test and also provide a basic process about how to effectively prepare for NEET by mock test.

Many times when a student attends the first mock test, he tends to get most skipped or wronged. This makes a negative impression on the student and he doesn’t attend the next one. This error should be understood by an aspirant that, it’s the reason why we have so many mock tests in a test series. Everything goes gradually.

How to clear your backlogs for NEET?

1. Know your weak topics

The main goal for giving a mock test is to know the topics you are unable to solve.

Once you have finished a mock test, incircle the question you missed or got wrong. Now take a note and list down the topics from which these questions came. you can also note down the type of question.

Now before giving the next mock test, you should revise these topics or solve one or more than one question related to the type of question.

So the more mock test you solve more you refine your unknown or hard topics or question types

2. Test your preparation

some-time you are unaware of many topics you are weak or unaware about the extent of your preparation. Thus after the mock test, you can better know about your preparation

So giving the mock test will get you to know about many things like

  1. weak chapters and subject
  2. time taken for full test
  3. your expected exam marks

3. Time Management

In the NEET exam, you have 3 hours to complete 180 questions and hardly you get 1 minute for each question. Thus you should have practiced enough paper so you can work over your time taken for the paper.

This will also let you know which section of the subject will be early completed than others.
Thus mock tests mostly let you known your strength and work over it to refine

4. Reduce exam fear

when you sit in an exam hall, it is very hard to recover your paper fear after you see hundreds of students giving the NEET exam. Thus you should be prepared for
the incoming test before.

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how to effectively give your mock test?

  1. start a timer before starting your test
  2. don’t leave in between or get distracted
  3. try using a OMR sheet for better pracise
  4. After giving mock test note down the topics you faced hard
  5. now prepare for these topics and give your another mock

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Things to remember before giving a mock test

  1. knowing your marks is not sole purpose of mock test, rather its for letting you know about your preparation and how you could make it better.
  2. Select a mock test which is NCERT based or little here and there.


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