Download Formula Sheet for Physics ( NEET/JEE )

Table of Contents 

  1. Formula sheet for physics (Only formuales)
  2. Quick revision notes for physics (Formulae + Diagrams + Definitions)

Formula Sheet of physics which contains all the formulas of class 12 and class 11.

Formula Sheet for Physics : This contains all the formulas of physics summarized at one place. This PDF will help you revise your physics well and fast. This can also be used to take a reference hint for numerical you practice.

Revising the concepts are much harder in the last days of preparation. Thus this Physics Formula sheet can help you revise the physics in no time. This PDF also focuses on only the important formulas from NCERT (Class 11th & 12th). This will only make you learn relevant concept formulas and discard irrelevant topics.

PDF Name : Formula Sheet for Physics (NEET 2022)

Physics Formula sheet pdf sample image

Physics formula shet pdf by concepts of physics is a very popular pdf :
  • File Name : Formula sheet for Physics PDF (NEET/JEE)
  • File Size : 0.535 mb
  • Exams : NEET, jEE Mains & Advanced

Download Formula Sheet for Physics ( NEET/JEE )

Physics Quick revision notes for NEET/JEE

Sample image for the Physics Quick revision notes for NEET/JEE PDF File

Very consice and short quick revision notes for NEET/JEE 2022 by RCC with important formulaes and some important definitions. Download the notes from the below download link : - 
  • File Name : Physics Quick revision notes for NEET/JEE
  • File Size :  4.4 mb
Download button image for Physics Quick revision notes of NEET/JEE
or Download

  • How to remember formulas of physics?

    1. The best way to remember formulas of physics is by solving problems.

    2. Another way of remembering formulas is by understanding the relation between quantities.
    For example resistance will increase with increase in length hence R is directly proportional to L, also resistance decreases with increase in area and hence R is inversely proportional to A. Now the constant which changed the proportional sign to equal is obviously resistivity. Hence formula comes out to be R = PL/A
    This is just an simple example, this could be done with anyone

    3. Some formulas have different conditions like Electric field at different places ( axial, equatorial and at a angle ). To remember these formulas better try learning only one general formula ( at an angle ) and thus can give out of everyone.

    4. Electricity chapters are very interesting and thus understanding the role of circuit components will help you understand the formula of physics


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