How to prepare for NEET exam from class 11?

How to prepare for NEET exam from class 11? In early stages of NEET preparation from class 11, It’s very hard to choose the right method and path. Selection in NEET requires a good mentor-ship from class 11


After coming In class 11 from class 10 it changes a lot. There are lot of factors like

  1. Increased syllabus
  2. Hard and conceptual topics
  3. Importance of regularity and hard-work


This is not a easy task to accomplish but rather is not a impossible task.

In today’s blog we have provided with some main points which will help you score good in your NEET preparation of class 11.


1. Know about NEET Exam and its syllabus

NEET is an totally MCQ based entrance exam conducted by NTA for seats of MBBS colleges. The subjects asked are

  1. Biology – 90 questions ( 360 marks )
  2. Physics – 45 questions (180 marks )
  3. Chemistry – 45 questions ( 180 marks )


Four positive marks are allotted for correct answer and one negative mark are given for every wrong answer. There is no marks given for a unattended question.

According to the NTA the syllabus of NEET is the NCERT books of class XI and Class XII of all three subjects pf PCB stream

Know more about NEET and its syllabus >


2. Make a study plan or Time-table

Analyze the chapters and accordingly make a study plan or Time-table. This will ensure consistency and regularity in your NEET preparation. Don’t make a hard study plan or time-table because you will end up in not following it.

How to make a good time-table for NEET preparation from class 11?

  • Divide your time plan into three subjects
  • Divide your timetable on three criteria i.e., Learning, Revising and Practicing Questions
  • Extend the time plan till at least 7 hours study everyday ( 3 hour learning + 1.5 hour revising + 1.5 hour practicing questions )



3. Give more importance to NCERT Books

yes, its very important that you understand the importance of NCERT as soon as possible. Basically its very easy to understand chemistry and Biology from NCERT itself. 

in early stages you will face problem in understanding the concepts which you can take help from teachers online or a reference book. Although in recent NEET exams there are very rare questions which is out of NCERT and almost every questions are line picked questions.


4. Solve more NEET/AIPMT previous year questions

solving more previous year questions will help you understand the pattern of exams and main targeted topics from NCERT book. It will also help you practice questions.

How solving NEET previous year questions can help you more?

  • Analyzing main targeted topics
  • practicing genera of asked questions from previous year
  • understanding importance of NCERT books (lmao)
  • Building up confidence by solving actual NEET pattern questions

From where to find NEET previous year questions? Take help from our learn dashboard 🙂


5. Revise previously learned topics regularly

This is the main factor for NEET selection of students. According to a famous revise graph research, Revised topics are memorized for longer time rather than one time understood topics.

how to revise your previously learned NEET chapters and topics?

  • Read NCERT lines thoroughly
  • Practicing questions of previously learned topics
  • Making their own handwritten notes from NCERT  


6. Importance of Mathematical tools in physics

I just wanted to share this because i think to understand physics and master it, we have to study mathematical tools first. When I was an aspirant there was no one to say that to me and I should make you aware about it The mathematical tools includes some basic mathematics topics like :

  1. Trignometry
  2. Algebra and log
  3. Vectors ( most important )
  4. Integration and differentiation ( another important one )

Why mathematical chapters are important for NEET physics?

  • Every chapter contains questions which require mathematical chapters to solve them
  • understanding further chapters is hard without these

From where I could study these mathematical tools chapters? Use some guide books ( HC verma ) or take help of good teachers online ( Physics wallah )


7. Make own handwritten notes

This method has proved to help students in revising any chapter better. With this you will can memorize any topic or chapter for more longer time.

how to make good handwritten notes for NEET preparation?

  1. Choose a good reference book ( mostly NCERT is suggested )
  2. In biology write most important points which yo think are important or hard to memorize later
  3. In physics focus on definitions and formulas ( you can exclude explanation or derivations if needed )
  4. In chemistry go with formulas, definitions, reactions, important exceptions, structures
  5. Don’t copy handwritten notes although you can take help to just get an overview about making handwritten notes


8. Be consistent with your NEET Preparation

Consistency is proved to be the best practice made aspirants to crack NEET. It’s important because it guarantees that you study everyday without procrastinating it.

How to be consistent in your NEET preparation from class 11?

  • Start with small Goals
  • Make a rational Time-Table
  • Don’t get demotivated

  • Get proper motivation
  • Take proper breaks




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