How to cover your backlog for NEET Preparation?


Do you want to complete your backlog for NEET preparation? You are at right article.

Piling up for NEET Backlog Chapters could be dangerous. It’s very important to clear your all backlog chapters with effective understanding. 

In this blog our team have provided some important points about how you could complete your backlog for NEET Preparation 

What is Backlog?

In simple term backlog means piling up or accumulation of uncompleted or procrastinated syllabus. Backlogs creates when a person or student find a chapter hard or not understandable that he or she procrastinate it for so many days. This at last creates lots of backlog which is a real burden for a NEET aspirant.


Steps to complete you NEET Backlog Chapters 

 we have listed some points or keys which will help you clear the backlogs of NEET preparation. How can we complete our backlog on right time? Pending chapters? How to complete pending chapters for NEET preparation?

1. Make a list of all backlog chapters 

The first thing you have to do is make a list of NEET Backlog Chapters. 

This is a very important initial step because it will help you prepare and analyse your backlogs. This will give you an overview of all pending work and task.

Categorise chapters with subjects and place them in order of most important chapters or level of difficulty

 Which chapters are important for NEET? Check our NEET Weight-age List 

 2. Align your backlogs with your daily schedule

The only way to clear your backlogs for your NEET Preparation is by taking out daily 2-3 hours from your daily schedule. 

This needs a well organised timetable.

  • Schedule your backlogs for end of the day 
  • Don’t compromise your ongoing chapters 
  • Make a task based time table and not time based 
  • Make a simple timetable 
  • Be consistent with your schedule


3. Prioritise and don’t procrastinate

If the reason of backlogs are removed then automatically it will not pile up in future. 

This is the main reason for the backlogs because you don’t prioritise your work with other useless distraction and you end up pending your important work for next time. Eventually this leads to backlogs 

How to stop procrastinating your neet preparation?

  • Minimise your distraction : be far away from things like social media, social issues, long sleeps.
  • Don’t be lazy : be active with your deadline and don’t act lazy. Constantly keep up with morning exercises and good health 
  • Complete the hard ones first : As generally people procrastinate hard works at the close to end of day 
  • There is not enough time


4. Find an effective way to prepare them 

Now the way of input you put will decide your success over them. Usually completing backlog chapters don’t need a hectic study material to deal with. Completing your backlog chapters require 

  • Reading NCERT Books for Biology and chemistry 
  • Noting down important formulas from physics and chemistry 
  • Doing some previous year questions for confidence built up 


5. Dont panic 

This is a general case for all students and is faced generally by all the neet prepraring students. Now key factor is how fast you recognise your Backlogs and start working on them. 

Be motivated 🙂


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