How to be consistent in your NEET preparation?

Consistency is proved to be the best practice made aspirants to crack NEET. It’s important because it guarantees that you study everyday without procrastinating it.

In this blog I will highlights some important points and tips to follow to be consistent in your NEET exam.

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

– Dwayne Johnson

1. Start with small Goals

Choose one task at a time or small goals. starting with a big burden or heavily task can make you to procrastinate and eventually loose consistency. Don’t make the process difficult for you to follow.

Eventually you can increase pace and magnitude of study hours daily.

2. Make a rational Time-Table

Research have shown that students end up not following a time table by 7th to 11th day because it was hard to follow or made wrongly.

So you need to make your timetable according to your ability.

You can be more detail full with the tasks in your timetable. Organize them according to tasks and not time.

3. Don’t get demotivated

We all are human and we could end up making a mistake or loose up with consistency.

Demotivation can leads to anxious brain and illness. This could waste your several days and should be avoided.

Demotivation can be avoided by watching a motivation videos, taking a small rest, doing what you likes.

4. Get proper motivation

Motivation is the best way to encourage ous mind to do any work.

We have evolved to see the profit rather than knowledge and hence watching your dream college blogs or checking respects and salaries of doctors will always keep up you with regular studies

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5. Relax a minute

It’s rather important to take rest in between.

practice your hobbies. Play for sometime or get a nap.

This is important for your brain to be out of stress so it can be ready for next task.


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